Sales Support

We recognise that wireless and hybrid fire detection equipment may be a product you have not dealt with in the past. We provide sales support to all of our trade customers. The more you know about FireCell, then the easier it is for you to talk to your customer with confidence.

Standards and Compliance

All new fire alarm installations including additional works on existing systems must comply with the Irish Standard for Fire Alarms in Buildings IS 3218 [2013]. This is a detailed document which includes guidance on wireless and radio linked systems. We will support you in preparation of quotes and tenders, and assist where clarification is required in contract specifications and documentation.


We offer a commissioning service, which includes functional testing of all detectors on your FireCell system, once you have completed installation of devices and control equipment. This service includes programming and text address of all devices.

Sounder Decibel Test

Our technical support engineers will work with you to ensure compliance with IS 3218 [2013] regarding fire alarm sounders in the protected building. The sounder decibel levels are recorded in all accessible areas using a sound level meter. This is a critical part of the commissioning process.

Install and Subcontract

We offer an installation service for companies who may not have the resources to install the FireCell system they have purchased. If either through lack of expertise, or your resources being committed to another project, we are happy to assist on a subcontract basis. Please feel free to discuss this option at any time.


Correct and accurate Certification of a fire alarm system is a vital part of the design - install - commissioning - handover process. This applies to any new fire alarm system, regardless of size. We can help you ensure the correct certification documents are provided on completion of the FireCell system, so that compliance is achieved with IS 3218 [2013]

Service Call Outs

We are always available to carry out service calls on your behalf. If for any reason you are unable to respond to a time critical service request, please feel free to contact us. This service is primarily to support our wireless systems, but also applies to wired conventional and addressable systems.

Maintenance and Inspections

If fire alarm maintenance is not a core part of your business, we offer a sub contract maintenance package, whereby the FireCell system will be maintained by VRF on your behalf. This includes 4 quarterly inspections per annum, and access to 24 hour emergency call out. You can sell a FireCell system to your customer knowing it will be fully supported on an ongoing basis.