Fully Wireless Site-Wide Signalling System

SitePoint is a unique wireless site signalling system, allowing plant and equipment in remote buildings on large sites to be monitored in a central on site location. In many cases, it is not possible to monitor these buildings due to lack of interconnecting cabling. The cost of installing new cabling often involves extensive civil works, underground ducting and disruption to normal activities on site.

SitePoint offers a competitively priced solution which can be installed quickly with the minimumof disruption. An 8-input mains powered contact transmitter located in the remote building can be programmed to monitor fire and fault events. These are relayed to a receiver panel located in the onsite monitoring centre, where the location and fire - fault event is displayed along with a local warning buzzer. Each of the transmitter's inputs can be individually programmed, allowing other critical plant and equipment to be monitored in addition to the fire alarm.

SitePoint can be further enhanced to include an on board pager transmitter, allowing clear and precise messages to be paged site wide to individual messaging pager units.

Typical operating range between buildings is 2-3 kilometres, depending on location and site configuration. We recommend a site visit and radio site survey in order to advise on the best solution for individual sites.

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